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How to Find the Online Slot Games?

Our website will explain what should you know about the casino slot games and their rules.

Slots Tips and FAQs

Usually you should not have any difficulties navigating to the slots section of any online casino. Look for a menu with all available games and you should be able to locate it quite easily. Sometimes, they are separated in different categories, depending on the type of slot, its theme or developer, but they are always easy to find. There may also be additional categories, which filter out the newest slot games, mobile slots for Android or iOS, slots with bonus games, progressive jackpots or any other criteria.

What Should I do Once I have Started a Game?

First, it is good to locate the information menu and familiarize yourself with the game’s rules. Besides that, the RTP of the game should be publishes somewhere in the same menu. In case the RTP is missing, you can either not play the game, or write an angry letter to the casino/developer about it.

How to Protect Myself from Scams?

Play only in reputable, licensed casinos. Once you have located a casino you like, and they have proven fair, you can always continue playing there. Since new slots sites constantly pop-up, it is good to develop habits relating to the authenticity of said sites. Also, check who the developer of the game you are about to play is. A quick online search with the developer’s name and keywords such as “scam”, “fraud” or “rigged” may unveil the true workings of the game you have started.

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Are Games on Mobile Different than the Once on Desktop?

Usually, there should be no mechanical differences between the original and mobile versions of a game. The two games should only differentiate by graphical interface, where in the case of mobile games, it has been scaled and re-arranged for the smaller display. On the site of the casino where you are playing, there should be information on whether the site and this particular game support mobile.

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Where can I try demo Versions of the Games?

Usually, the site hosting the games should offer a demonstration for some of them or even their complete catalogue. It depends on how big the site is and how invested they are in offering a complete experience to their visitors. If you want to try the newest slots games, without directly affiliating yourself with any casino, you may decide to go to a site which allows for limitless demo plays of all hosted slot games.

Do you have Something Else to Tell me?

Besides wishing you good luck, not much. Always be vigilant when visiting a new site and run the needed checks before you deposit and play with any real money. Besides that, keep a cool head and never lose than you can afford to lose. Free advice – you would rarely win back your losses, so set a limit and keep to it.


Which slot should I choose?

This depends on your preferences. Do you want to play on a single or multiple pay lines? Do you want a themed experience, or just the classic “fruit machine”? A good thing to take into consideration is the game’s RTP, as well as the studio which developed it.

Are the online slot games fair?

They are strictly regulated and put through various tests in order to prove their randomness. Still, not many people have access to the script of the games, so you take the word of government agencies and third-party tester on it.

Should I play if I am underaged?

As long as you can afford it and it does not have a severe influence on your financial and personal livelihood.

Do I get the maximum wager on free spins?

Unless the game’s rules do not explicitly say it, no. Usually the wager on the bonus free spins is the same as the wager which activated them. Everything about slots.

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