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Technical things about online slot games

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40 lines, 5 reels, 4 rows, Medium Volatility

Lines are not adjustable, bets can be between 0.01 per coin, up to 4. WILD APPEAR ON 2,3,4 Each wild symbol multiplies the prize. Does not replace Scatter. Scatter appears on 2,3,4, grants 80 and activates 10 free spins, free spins may retrigger. During free games, the wild symbol multiplers are doubled. Superbet feature grants a payout multiplier, but also increases the bet. X2 doubles the bet, X3 quadruples the bet, X4 quintuples the bet and X5 sextuples the bet.  Has a mobile version.

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The iconography offers a typical fruit machine experience. The symbols include cherries, lime, watermelon, a bell, green diamond, blue diamond and 7’s; The scatter symbol is a lump of crystals and the wild symbol is a stylized “Wild”; All icons are static during the rolls and animations activate only when they partake in a winning combination. The drawings are up to the industry standard, offering a somewhat stable and entertaining experience. As far as animations are concerned, most of them are a simple zoom-in and out of the image, which creates the illusion of motion. Exclusion from this rule is the Wild symbol, where the letters revolve during the animations.


The game offers an original soundtrack during play. It is an electronic melody which sounds as a light mixture between industrial and trance. At the end of the loop, the music abruptly ends and the song starts over, which could break the seamless ambience some players may feel. When a winning combination is hit, a short bell progression is played, to emphasize the win. Each appearance of the Bonus symbol triggers a play a short melody of its own. Upon winning a line with a wild symbol on it, a choir of sounds is played, as the lines flash through the screen. Other sounds include a short bass bump as soon as the reel stops turning and a harpsichord note is played every time a button is pressed in the options menu. 

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The options menu offers five button choices. First one is the mute/unmute button. Second opens the autoplay menu, which allows you to manually set a number of automatic spins, with a step of 5. The third button offers extensive information about the game and its rules, but misses to announce the game’s official RTP. The fourth button opens the bet menu, where the value of the game token can be set. There is also a menu for the line adjustment, but it is inactive and locked on 40 (the maximum); 


The game is pretty much industry standard. There is no theme to be explored, neither risks have been taken with the iconography or play rules. The additional multiplier is a good addition to the game, but it could barely make up for its complete blandness. This game is not much different than what you will find at a ground floor casino, gas station, or even discarded next to a trash bin on the street. If you like the typical fruit machine experience this is for you. People seeking innovation will find themselves utterly bored at this one. You can check your personal web privacy rights.

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