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Fruit Machines - The food synonym which will make you rich

Being excited over a new experience is quite normal, but is it as good as be?

Fruit machines, contrary to their name, are not breakfast dispensers. They are, in fact, the oldest type of slots, sometimes referred to as “classic” slots. They were born in the days of Elvis, lived through Michael Jackson and still thrive as Justin Timberlake has yet another concert. They are sempiternal (for those who do not have a thesaurus - endless). Their simplistic design, based on cherries, melons and bananas hides the true complexity of the game under the guise of nothing more than a show of colorful pictures. If your acquaintance with slots is based solely on Hollywood movies and second-hand stories, then this is 99.99% the machine you are thinking of.

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Video Slots

Video slots are an innovation on typical physical slots. Instead of relying on mechanical parts, video slots are purely digital. This gives a lot of freedom to game manufacturers and expanded the number of reels to the now popular five. The chance of hitting the jackpot on five reels is about 1 in 300 million, so they quickly turned into the preferred machine for multiple casinos. Video slots also brought the innovation of being able to set the number of pay lines and offer the chance of winning bonus rounds. All online slots are based on the model of the video slot, offering more or less of the aforementioned options.

3D Slots

Just like video slots are an improvement on the mechanical ones, the 3D slot is an improvement on the video slots. Taking advantage of current computer technologies, slots have reached a peak in graphics performance. They can have high-definition images and even create the illusion of depth through different movements. These movements can range anywhere from tiles panning in and out to full-blown 3D models walking around the screen. The core gameplay has been preserved, but the visual presentation has been ramped to the maximum in order to provide a most ambient experience.

Progressive Jackpots

Most slot machines have a pre-determined jackpot. The payout is always the same, no matter how many times you play the game. Progressive jackpots turn this idea upside-down. The more a game is played, the higher the jackpot gets. Every time the reels are spun, and the jackpot has not been won, it will increase in value. This way, you can trick all your friends to not win on a progressive jackpot slot, just so you can get that much higher a prize once you hit the big reward. If the jackpot is hit, it sinks down to a pre-set value and once again starts climbing up.

Beyond the Basics

Being familiar with the type of games is useful, but knowing their inner intricacies is how you become a master. What is a “Wild”, what are “Scatter” symbols, why are my bonus rounds automatically spinning? The answer to these and other questions are revealed in the coming lines.

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Wild Symbols

Judging solely on name, one would expect these symbols to be a band of unwashed savages who cannibalize their brethren and thinking this way would be approximately half-accurate. “Wild” symbols are much like the Joker card in card games. It is considered a universal substitute for all combinations and brings you that much closer to a winning line. Exclusions from this rule are the “Scatter” symbol which is usually not substituted by a “Wild” and any other symbol, which the game’s rules have excluded from the substitution list.

Scatter Symbols

Rejoice, the scatter has appeared! Usually, this symbol would either grant you free spins, or access to a bonus game. Each game works with the “Scatter” symbol in different ways and it is good to familiarize yourself with it before playing. This can be done by accessing the information panel of any online slot game. In the most common case, encountering a certain number of these symbols would award a series of free spins, which will be automatically played. This way, a player may not neglect the bonus, or overplay it.

Additional Symbols

Depending on the type and theme of the game, you may encounter various symbols. Some of them will be multipliers, which increase the payout, others may unlock certain bonuses and mini games. It is best to fully read the information menu before playing a game, since it offers a complete review of all the game’s symbols and their purpose. You can check more about technical specifications.

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